Digital marketing for fast food businesses

Fast food businesses are undoubtedly one of the best ideas to undertake, however, currently no venture is worth it if digital marketing strategies are not performed.

It is statistically proven that 9 out of 10 users use the internet at some point during the purchase process. So having an online presence for your fast food business is more than a good idea.


These are other benefits of making your store known using digital restaurant marketing.


• You will have more visualization, you will be able to reach those people who do not know your business but who live or work nearby, this will result in a great advantage for your future sales.

• You can locate your business on the map, many people enter Google Maps to find restaurants or food stores near them and with an accessible schedule, you can position yourself on the online map with good digital marketing practices.

• The friends of your clients will know who you are, many clients indicate their current location on social networks when they go out to eat, this is a great advantage for the friends and family of those clients to know your place via the web.

• You can carry out any type of technique to attract the attention of potential clients, through different channels.

• Digital marketing costs much less than traditional marketing; using social media for restaurants, Will allow you get to a bigger number of potential users.


Here is a list of digital marketing ideas for your fast food business that will increase your sales as you never imagined:


1)    Local SEO for restaurants is a good  strategy, that points to other optimization alternatives to allow the user to find a solution near where they are and thus have easier access to the service or product they are looking for. For example, if you search for “Japanese restaurant” on your smartphone, Google understands that you are looking for a result close to you that you can contact immediately and have your problem solved, moving to the premises in the shortest possible time.


You can use local SEO to make your restaurant improve the position in a web search, giving you a better chance to bring new clients to your place. 


2)    Whatsapp marketing to promote yourself

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging tools in the world, and is one of the most great for digital marketing. I explain why: People are used to using their smartphone for everything, do not think it is different when they look for what to eat on the street, especially when they are in a hurry and need to shorten their schedule for lunch or dinner.

They will take your phone and look for the best option near them, and there is no better way to remind them that you are there with a whatsapp message. In addition, you can not only use it to remind them of your business address or say “we are waiting for you”, you can create a whole whatsapp marketing plan to promote the menus of the day, and even a completely personalized menu.

This application also has a version of WhatsApp Business to enter in your profile the exact address of Google Maps, your website, hours of service, social networks, other number of contacts, etc.


3) Custom emails

You may think that emails don't go with you or your business, but I'll tell you something that goes with you: 50% of millennials check their email all day, an average of 4 hours at work, before bedtime and every Once they get up. And I don't want to assume that I know your type of business but we both know that millennials, young people who study, work and have an active life, are a majority, and are the ones who prefer to eat outside.

So when I tell you that putting email marketing into practice suits you more than anything else, not to mention that sales results are your strongest point (more than 40% return on investment).


In your shipments you can segment the audience and build a whole database that allows you to reach those prospects that are really worthwhile, and that meet the consumer profile you project for your fast food business.

You can even customize the shipments, make special offers and exclusive promotions for a client, loyalty and ensure that you always have the first option to eat, do surveys on your menus, and other techniques that will be of great help for the online marketing of your business.

3) Real time marketing

Here we are going to combine the “fast” of your food, with “fast” digital marketing techniques. Real time marketing is characterized by using a viral theme in social networks to promote your brand.


Using unexpected events on social networks, viral memes, popular news, etc.

You just have to have a great imagination, and speed of the clear moment, to publish a post or an image on your social networks that will allow you to promote your fast food business on the web in front of thousands of connected people.