Tips for the US visa appointment

Tips for the US visa appointment

To be successful in the interview, we must take into account certain factors that will help us to
make the consul believe that we are a person with the necessary qualities to receive a visa for the
United States. Here are some brief tips to have an excellent interview with the consul. Then we
will give you some tips that will help you how to get a US visa

Interview Tips

Be well dressed. Although it seems trivial to present a good image to the consul is crucial to make
a good impression and earn positive points for your visa to be granted. Since the visual image is
the first thing that the consul evaluates of us at the time of our interview and if it goes according
to our declaration in the filling of the form Ds-160 or Ds-260.

Be clear and precise. Normally the questions asked by the consul are direct, objective and
personal, for this reason we must answer clearly and bluntly since the consul can interpret that he
is tried to deceive by accommodating the words. It is important that we answer precisely and not
abound much, since it can lead to errors.

Tell the truth. This advice is the most important of all because it must be remembered that lying to
the consul is considered a crime and therefore incurring in telling lies can cause the person not
only to reject his visa application, but to be put on the “list of inadmissible. " In other words, you
will not be eligible to be granted a visa without first having to request an immigration pardon
better known as “Waiver”.

Have your documents at hand. We must have at hand all the documents that support us as stated
in the Form Ds-160. Normally the consuls do not require people to hand over documents, but if
they need to confirm any information provided by you during your US visa application, they will.
Be clear about your travel purpose. We must be clear about the purpose of our trip to present
with security and serenity before the consul, it is vitally important to have a clear reason why you
want to travel to the United States.