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Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin will be the world's single currency in 10 years

Founder and CEO of Twitter Inc. and Square Inc., Jack Dorsey, said bitcoin will be the world's sole currency in 10 years. The tech entrepreneur has a great interest in cryptocurrency and predicts the world will eventually have a single currency and the transition will happen within the next ten years.

"I personally believe it will be a bitcoin. The transition will happen, maybe more than ten years, but it could be faster," said Dorsey.

Dorsey recently added an option to buy and sell bitcoins directly from the Square Cash app. The company also released children's illustrated stories that promote the benefits of digital currencies. The internet entrepreneur also has a number of unspecified cryptocurrencies.

Dorsey said the benefits of bitcoin as currency is a start or a great opening for other financial worlds in the future. Blockchain makes things easier and ensures cryptocurrency runs as it should.
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BYD announced battery recycling plant in Shanghai in April

BYD Co Ltd announced it will build a battery recycling plant in Shanghai in April or the second quarter. The electric vehicle giant headquartered in Shenzhen said the latest move was in an effort to reduce raw material costs and help deal with waste batteries,

Chinese car manufacturer BYD is getting closer to building a recycled battery factory. The Shanghai plant will be built in the second quarter of this year to make costs cheaper, reduce raw material costs, and help handle battery waste.

A spokesman said on Wednesday BYD had secretly built the plant and would hold an opening ceremony in April or at least in the second quarter, but the company did not provide details about the plant capacity or the amount of investment involved.

"The date has not been set," said BYD's brand communications manager, Mia Gu, in Beijing.

The increasing cost of electric vehicle battery materials such as lithium and cobalt became part of BYD's reason to build the recycling industry and …

Alibaba added new fresh funds of $2 billion in Lazada

Alibaba added fresh funds of US$2 billion in Lazada. Technology giant headquartered in Hangzhou on Monday announced it will provide additional investment to Southeast Asian e-commerce giant by Rp27 trillion, increasing its total investment in the company at around Rp54 trillion (US$4 billion).

Alibaba added investment to Lazada for a total of up to US$4 billion. The latest addition of US$2 billion in an effort to accelerate the integration of Alibaba platform into the Lazada platform and accelerate the growth of Lazada's market share in Southeast Asia.

Lazada CEO Max Bittner will step down from his position after Lazada receives additional investment. Bittner will fill a position as senior advisor to Alibaba, assist the transition process, and support Alibaba in its expansion strategy into the global marketplace.

Lucy Peng will be the CEO in the agreement. Peng is one of the eighteen founders of Alibaba. Other important Lazada figures are Chun Li who now occupies the position of C… rebrand becomes Indodex to expand marketplace officially announces the change in service name from to Indodax, short for Indonesia Digital Asset Exchange, aims for new positioning for the wider market coverage. The name recognition is not only targeting the domain of their marketplace services, but also the social media accounts that have been used

The startup exchange of cryptocurrency headquartered in Denpasar hopes that the new face will provide wider coverage, more acceptable to a wide range of people and not just to any one type of cryptocurency. CEO of Bitcoin Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan, said the name transformation is part of the business focus for the development of a growing public blockchain.

"We want to focus our business to help consumers meet with other public blockchain tokens, while reducing misunderstandings that develop in the community," Darmawan said.

Darmawan said the use of a new name would underscore the service function as a cryptocurrency marketplace, no …

Coca-Cola and U.S. DFA launched blockchain to combat forced labor

Coca-Cola Co., U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs. and two other companies announced the launch of a blockchain's digital ledger technology project to create a secure registry for workers that will help against forced labor around the world. The first major government project on the issue is using blockchain and strengthening technology for social purposes.

Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) says this new effort is meant to create a registry that is safe for workers and contracts using blockchain validation and digital notary capabilities. BTA is a global platform for utilizing blockchain to provide social impact.

The International Labor Organization reports that at least 25 million people are working around the world in forced conditions and 47 percent of them are in the Asia Pacific region. Food and beverage companies are under pressure to overcome the risk of forced labor. A study released KnowTheChain (KTC) shows most food and beverage companies fail to resolve the issue.