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Softbank's Monk robot launched to serve funeral

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1,069 Dobi robot dances broke the world record

WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. in China broke the Guinness World Records as Most robots dancing simultaneously. The latest effort is being carried out in Guangzhou, Guangdong, where a machine drives 1,069 'Dobi' robots that march and performs the perfect choreographed dance routine.

Some robots fall during dynamic performances and this should minimize the final note count. Robots dubbed 'Dobi' are all programmed through a group control system. WL Tech organizes a challenge to demonstrate their latest robotic technology that has the ability to dance.

The engineers program and organize over 1,000 robots to dance together, racing with passion and precision to showcase some of the skilled choreography routines. The party takes place Aug. 17 ahead of Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center.

Dobi can also talk, do Tai Chi and many other human-like actions. The previous record was recorded by Ever Win Company & Ltd. also from China with a total of 1,007 robot…

Royal Mail launched electric truck made by Arrival

Royal Mail will be greener with an all-electric van from Arrival. The UK postal service tested nine electric trucks to deliver letters and packages in London and beyond. The trucks have three different sizes, have 100 mile mileage and produce zero emissions. Arrival claims it will have a capacity of producing 50,000 vehicles annually in factories that use AIs and robots.

"Royal Mail is delighted to be collaborating with Arrival and pioneering the adoption of large electric commercial vehicles. We will be putting them through their paces over the next several months to see how they cope with the mail collection demands from our larger sites," said Paul Gatti, Royal Mail Fleet’s Managing Director.

"We have trialled electric trucks before but not of this type of innovative design and look forward to see what additional benefits they can bring to our existing fleet of around 49,000 vehicles," said Gatti.

The electric van has the same price as the diesel. The red trucks…

SK Planet and Salim Group rumored in talks on Elevenia acquisition

SK Planet is reportedly considering to sell shares in Elevenia. Technology company and owner of the popular 11Street e-commerce site in South Korea is rumored to be selling their stake in Elevenia which is a joint venture with XL Axiata since 2014. SK Planet hopes to sell 50 percent of the shares to get out of the tough market competition in Indonesia.

Elevenia was founded by XL Axiata where SK Planet invested around 50 billion won. The report also said Indonesian retail giant Salim Group is interested in buying Elevenia and marking their deeper pace into the e-commerce business.

SK Planet has previously reportedly been in talks with Lotte Group in South Korea over acquisition. Lotte Group and Salim Goup have also built a joint venture of e-commerce in Indonesia called

Currently, Elevenia is one of the popular e-commerce companies in Indonesia, but profits continue to decline due to stiff competition with two giants are Lazada which has been acquired by Alibaba and Tokoped…

Milk capsules to revolutionize coffee drinking style

A new technique will revolutionize the style of future coffee drinking. The team of researchers at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) has developed a soluble milk capsule when placed in a hot beverage that not only reduces the use of conventional plastics, but also capsules are also easier to use.

"Crystals form a kind of pack around capsules that are easily soluble in hot liquids and can also be used for other liquids, for example, we also summarize fruit juice concentrates," says Martha Wellner of MLU published findings in the journal Chemical Engineering & Technology.

The preparation of a milk capsule is quite simple in which a sugar solution or the like provides a coating properties when produced and placed in a mold. Sugar compounds will move to the edge of the liquid to form crystals when cooled, while milk and other fill the inside.

Wellner and Joachim Ulrich conducted several tests to check the materials and cooling process to produce the best produc…

Walmart, Nestle and Unilever join IBM foodchain

Nestle, Unilever, Tyson and others have joined the IBM foodchain project. Other large food and retail companies on Tuesday declared to join the IBM-led blockchian technology project to help track food supplies. A network technology of this developed chain will improve food security and prevent other problems.

Other companies that join to share data and run trials with IBM are Kroger Co, Dole Food Company Inc., McCormick & Company Inc., Golden State Foods Corp., Driscoll's Inc. and Berkshire Hathaway's McLane Co. Walmart Stores Inc. also participated and has been working with IBM since October to track the distribution of food products.

Blockchain technology first emerged as the underlying system of bitcoin systems. Each cryptocurrency transaction is recorded in a ledger as a shared data maintained by a computer network, and not a third party. This blockchain system is theoretically impossible to manipulate.

"It's not just about building technology, it's buildi…

UI team developed fast-soluble drug based on Gracilaria verrucosa

The University of Indonesia (UI) develops fast-soluble medicinal materials using seaweed. Three pharmacy faculty students at the University of Indonesia have developed a fast disintegration tablet (FDT) using Gracilaria verrucosa that rapidly breaks in the patient's oral cavity within 30 seconds without having to swallow and without needing water.

FDT is especially needed for patients who have difficulty swallowing such as geriatric patients, pediatric patients, difficulty finding water, frequent vomiting patients and patients with mental disorders. The study was conducted by three students are Kevin Dio Naldo, Revi Pribadi and Rezwendy under the guidance of Silvia Surini.

"Superdisintegran material will break easily and dissolve in the body for less than 30 seconds by empowering a red microagla named Gracilaria verrucosa," Naldo said on Tuesday.

G. verrucosa is very abundant in Indonesia but has not been widely used in the pharmaceutical field. This species is part of al…