Kit Arduino Starter XL

KIT ARDUINO XLEste KIT Starter XL para Arduino incluye 15 proyectos simples de como usar ARDUINO para convertir una IDEA en REALIDAD. Este kit viene con una selección de los componentes eléctricos de uso más comun, podrás realizar aplicaciones prácticas partiendo por los proyectos más sencillos, diseñados para enseñar los conceptos básicos de electrónica, hasta los proyectos más complejos con los que podrás interactuar con el mundo físico a través de sensores y actuadores.Te da ese conocimiento para sacar a la luz tu genio interno, los proyectos.CONOCE TUS HERRAMIENTAS:- Una introducción a los conceptos que necesitarás para usar el kit.
INTERFACE DE NAVE ESPACIAL:- Diseña el panel de control de tu nave espacial:- LOVE-O-METER. Mide cómo de calientes estás:- LÁMPARA DE VARIOS COLORES:- Produce colores con una lámpara que usa la luz como entrada.INDICADOR DE ESTADO DE ÁNIMO:- Haz saber a la gente cómo estás.
THEREMIN ÓPTICO:- Crea un instrumento musical que puedes tocar moviendo las manos…

Company access control

Access control system for companiesMandatory for companies with more than ten employees, access control is an ally of employees and managers in the work environment. The tool, essential for information management, has innumerable models and that is why entrepreneurs often do not know which one to invest in. From the manual to the biometric, the importance of access control system is undeniable. It is he who records the hours worked by each employee. In this way, the manager knows if the professional did overtime and even if he complied with the provisions of the contract, which allows the correct payment in companies with wages based on the hourly load.In addition, through this, both employees and the company can check the hourly load fulfilled, if it is necessary to resort to labor justice. Access control brings advantages for both sides.How to choose the best modelWith so many models in which it is possible to invest, doubts may arise as to the best option for the company. Access co…

Restaurant social media

Why does your restaurant need social networks?It is no secret to anyone that many restaurants and food sites of all kinds are present on social networks. At any time and almost at any time, we can find a publication that refers to the menus they offer along with a photo that reflects the quality of their meals. One of the questions that surely come to your mind is, why do they do this? The reasons are quite simple, and today we leave you a little explanation about it.Restaurant marketing, a good ideaThe 21st century has brought great progress in the development of human activities, and marketing is one of those aspects: the internet has proved to be a fundamental and essential tool for advertising and the promotion of brands of all kinds. Of course, restaurants have joined this trend, and have not gone unnoticed, that’s when local SEO for restaurants comes in the pictureHow to publish on social networksThere are many ways to social media for restaurants marketing : campaigns, videos, …

CCTV evolution

Evolution of video surveillance systemsVideo surveillance systems, more commonly called CCTV (CCTV system), is an industry that is more than 30 years old and one that has had many technological changes. As in any other industry, end users are increasingly increasing the demand for the products and solutions that are driving the changes, and the evolution of the technologies that are helping to support them. In the video surveillance market, the needs that are most reflected are:Better image qualitySimplified installation and maintenance.Safer and more efficient technology.Longer storage time of recorded video.Cost reductionThe size and scalability.The remote monitoring capabilities.Integration with other systems.More intelligence of the integrated system.Video surveillance systems have undergone a series of technological changes. The most recent is the change from analogue CCTV surveillance to fully digital, network-based video surveillance systems.These systems began as 100 percent a…

Get your US visa approved

Keys and tips to process the United States Visa and not fail in the attemptAlthough tourism visas to the United States are usually approved, unfortunately there are many people who know how annoying it can be to receive a no answer, and lose expectations of finally knowing this country, going on vacation or business, or Visit your loved ones. For this reason, in this article, we want to give you some suggestions and advice so that the process for the American visa is correct and how to get a US visa to finally have the trip you always wanted.Since you have planned a vacation in the United States, or if you plan to go for a while, you should keep in mind that there are many types of visas. But it is your case, you must apply for a B1 or B2, nonimmigrant visas that allow only certain circumstances to travel.Visa application process:The B1 or B2 visa is aimed at those people who travel for vacation or business reasons. Also, these people are allowed to travel to visit family or friends, …

Medical Clinics in Spain

Almost one in four English speaking doctors who move abroad (23 percent) does so for work or economic reasons, although academic factors determine the decision in 58.6 percent of cases, according to a survey on Human Resources in Science and Technology conducted by the INE.
According to data from this survey published today and carried out on doctors under 70 years of age resident in Spain and doctors by a Spanish university since 1990, between 2000 and 2009 21.2 percent of doctors had gone to live outside Spain, while 12.5 percent of those present in the country on 31 December 2009 planned to do so.
By sex, men with doctorates continue to be the majority group, so that 55.5 per cent of doctors are men, compared to 44.5 per cent of women.
On the other hand, one out of every three people who obtained a doctorate did so in the area of Natural Sciences, while the areas of Medical Sciences and Social Sciences represented 20.9% and 20.1%, respectively in medical clinics.
With regard to financi…

Access control Planning

Planning of an access control system in buildingsA building, specially one where many offices and different types of people converge (like government figures for example) the levels of security must be really high, and a rigorous access system must be developed as part of the global security program.The objective of a global security program is to calculate the risks and provide adequate responses. An important tool of that program is a well-analyzed access control system, been adequate study. The risk analysis section of the safety program attempts to identify why, where and how a building could be entered. Is it a historic building in an important city? Does the volume of traffic of people or a unique design - which could lead to a greater number of deaths - make it a main objective for terrorists? Do tenants include US or foreign government offices, abortion clinics, corporate information centers or other groups that represent vital functions or controversial issues? A serious eval…

SEO dont´s for your website

Five mistakes to avoid when making a website for your restaurant In the world of restaurant marketing its very important to make a restaurant's website; if you you haven’t make one for your business jet, we will show you 5 common aspects that restaurateurs do not usually take into account and that are key to attract customers to your catering business:Offer online reservation: People who visit your website are potential customers who are already interested in your restaurant. A booking engine directly guarantees the possibility of making the reservation and that you already retain them as customers. Are you going to miss that key opportunity, to star build your Local SEO for restaurants strategy?Menus in pdf without prices: The pdfs are very cumbersome for a user: download, consult ... When it comes to how to make a website of a restaurant, it is important to consider its usability, that is, users find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. On the other hand,…

House CCTV

The 4 types of CCTV cameras you can put in your homeTypes of CCTV cameras for home interiorCCTV systemsare a surveillance system suitable for the interior of the house. Generally, they consist of security cameras, presence detectors and connection to an alarm system. They connect to the alarm through a wired system, which makes them a particularly robust system. Its great technical advantage over IP cameras is the security of your system, since they cannot be inhibited. The most advanced CCTV security system, also include an anti-sabotage system, which makes them really efficient.As there are different types of CCTV camera system, if you want to protect your home to the fullest, it is advisable to know which ones exist and what differences they have between them.4 types of indoor CCTV camerasDepending on the area to be protected, we offer four types of conventional cameras to install inside the house. It should be added that all have high definition 800 TVL lines (the number of hori…

US visa for work

How to get a US visa L?American L visa is an American nonimmigrant visa for work purposes in the United States that allows you to work and live in this country temporarily, are available to members, senior executives or employees of a multinational company based in the two countries, or who intend to open a new office in the United States keeping the parent company in their home country.There are 2 types of L1 American visa:American Visa L1-A: It is the visa for the partners, senior executives and managers of the company, it has a maximum duration of 7 years.American Visa L1-B: This visa is for professionals who have specialized knowledge, has a maximum duration of 5 years.Main requirements for obtaining the L-1A American visaThe person requesting it must have worked in the company for a minimum period of one year within the last 3 years.The company must be a real company. In other words, the company must have payroll employees, demonstrable billing, an established place of operation,…